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Should Or Will Women Achieve Equal Pay?


  1. 1. will women achieve more pay than men?

    • charles brough

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With "equality" always on mind because it is one of our secular ideals, what will happen when women finally do achieve equal pay for equal work? It is assumed that the matter will then end, but . . .


Maybe not. There seems to be a social tendency to over-compensate. Employers might be required to pay women MORE than men "to make up for all the years the women were paid less."


Also, because women have children to raise and fewer people get married now, it would come to be understood that women should always get paid more. Men would then cease to feel like "the protector and family provider and their work would suffer. That would help justify the trend and it would become accepted that men be paid less than the women "because women are better workers."


Already, more women are in our colleges then men, and more young men are staying home to escape into the world of electronic virtual reality.



Will this happen?: :blink: WHY not? :)





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I saw two different questions. One was about equal pay, the other about equal pay for equal work. I am not sure they are not already receiving equal pay for equal work. There is no question that there are a lot of differences between women and men. I think that if a job is all about social interaction, then women are probably more suited for the job. However I think that such jobs are a luxury to begin with.


I think that when it comes to solving objective real world problems that men are better suited, and doing this is really where money is actually earned to begin with, before it is distributed among people who offer purely social services.


It used to be recognized that women tended to be less proficient in (or perhaps fond of) mathematics for instance. However there are always naive egalitarians that try and bias research into areas like this. First there were claims that the difference was due to cultural gender roles. They create a huge drive to help women in this area to "close the gap", perhaps resulting in women receiving far better instruction than men when the gap may be genetic all along. Then when the gap gets small enough they claim it is no longer statistically significant.


If the difference was partly genetic, then the increased instruction for young women would not solve the problem, it would just delay it. Without the social motivators to pursue objective understanding of their environment after school, they would focus on more social issues. Meanwhile men pursue such objective understanding to be better at solving real world problems, and the "closed gap" is just an illusion.


Of course my personal experience is not a representative sample, but keep in mind there are statistical methods that can be used to extract the most amount of information from the least amount of experiences. I have seen many examples of women in "leadership" roles that did not have the competency or drive to objectively solve issues, but rather tended to "go with the flow" and at most used their position to empower the existing consensus on issues. I think of a leader as more of a person that always has the best solutions, and teaches others how to understand them, implement them, and come up with good solutions of their own. On the other hand, I have met few such people period.. so the fact that they were all men isn't as significant as it would be otherwise.


I think that if women do begin to receive higher pay and the U.S. economy continues it's downward spiral, that the two things would be heavily related - a move away from meritocratic economy into one where bailed out big businesses trade in efficiency for coddling and people mongering skills.

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Women seldom receive equal pay for equal work if the pay is secret, if the pay is public and everyone knows what everyone else is making then equal pay for equal work is far more likely. When i worked for DuPont the women made exactly the same as the men and were individually as good or as sorry as the men they worked with. My wife how ever works for a company that keeps pay secret, no one knows for sure what anyone else makes (of course nothing is really secret in the electronic age) but the men commonly make 1.5 to 3 times as much as women doing the same or similar jobs. The excuse is that men have to support families as though the women are working so they can display their new dresses to the men. Men are also far more likely to be in management than women, this seems to be true for a great many companies but there are exceptions i am sure.

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