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Use Of Newton Law In Computer

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i have a research paper thats due on saturday

the topic i have been assigned is where and how newton law in used in computer science

all i can think of is computer fan and hard disk

how ? m totally clueless about that

anyone can help me here ? :S

and use of newton law in computer means use of it in any type computer

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Hi, Mughees, and welcome to hypography! :)


“Computer science” is usually considered the science of designing software and the program-sensitive hardware specifications to run it, not the actual “computer engineering” of making into practical machines with the necessary power, cooling, etc, so my guess is that your assigned question should be interpreted “how do computer programs use Newton’s laws of motion?”, rather than “how do Newton’s laws of motion apply to a physical computer?”


Many programs - nearly all used for physical simulations varying from physically realistic ones for science and real-world simulations to simplified ones used in games – use equations derived from Newton’s laws to do what they do. Programmers who write these must have a sound, working grasp of Newtonian mechanics.


We’ve the code for some such programs scattered around here at hypography, if you’re looking for actual examples.

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