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Richard Dawkins On Late Late Show


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While I agree with Richard Dawkins that religion is "lethally dangerous nonsense", he appears to be making the same mistakes as religious people do.


Due to past associations with a topic a person assumes that future associations will be the same. Anything and everything associated with the topic becomes "tainted with the same brush" and a person becomes closed-minded to it.


I think we always need to be at least open to examine something before we judge it:



Your deduction dduck is baseless since you provide no specific example of where Dawkins "appears" to make the same "mistakes" as religious people. To make your case you will need to provide a quote by Dawkins with a link directly to the source so that the context (of what Dawkins writes or states) may be examined in full.


As for the link you provide above Dawkins is not mentioned at all, i.e., it supports not at all your baseless claim.




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