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The thread in question is in Math&Phys, entitled What's the fifth dimension.


I ask this because, whether we like it or not, a lot of kids (or those who didn't have the privilege of a proper education) use the internet to "find out stuff".


I personally think that, for those of us who DID have this privilege (or who are no longer kids), we have duty to ensure that everything that appears on this site is either kosher in its appropriate sub-forum, or is flagged as "non-mainstream" by sending it, say, to Alternative Theories. I assume that this need NOT imply that the mod who made the move necessarily disagreed with the post in question, merely a recognition that it was not in line with consensual thinking. I hope no mod here disagrees that the thread in question is not mainstream?


Of course I have no powers in this regard, and even if I did, I would have no wish to stifle the "free thinkers". Just that I believe their status should be signalled as such to the wider world, in particular, those with a genuine desire to learn something useful from this excellent forum.

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Personally, I think that it is not so off-mainstream from what I got by reading through it quickly (but then I may be wrong).

Another thing is that the tagline of this forum is science for everyone. So I tend to think that if someone comes with a question which is physics it should be in that forum even if the replies that come are away from mainstream (this might just mean it should be moderated better).


But, this is my personal opnion, let's wait and see what others think.

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