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I have a couple of friends/ acquaintences in the sort of New Age philosophical field, that I wondered if others had come across and had opinions on their works - Neil Oram an Englishman Warp Experience and Emaho, a Native American and my wife's mentor over a number of years emaho[/u].ws"]http://www.emaho.ws.


I would like to know if anybody here, apart from me, has experience of either of these two gentleman and knows much about their philosophical stances or has opinions about where they stand on issues of perception? (My knowledge of Emaho is weak as I've only met him once and as for Neil, I don't know much about his history/ views before meeting him in the Highlands, where he moved up from London I believe. Any information/ viewpoints would be of interest.


Moderators, if this is considered more something for the water cooler, please move the post to there but I wanted to bring out more than their personal histories as I wanted to know if others knew of them and they were considered great thinkers in more than a limited way

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