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�How can I enter a degree symbol?


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brian, you can click on the math, or just hover the mouse over it and see what the code that went into it was (its quite nifty :P )


my bad on not posting the code, ooopsie :)


sout seems to have formatting issues in the math mode, you can see that it works with text mode by

[math]\text{\sout{this is crossed out!!!}} \sout{and this is not}[/math]

[math]\text{\sout{this is crossed out!!!}} \sout{and this is not}[/math]


math though has a \cancel command that is meant to do just that, so you can do [math]\cancel{lalalala}[/math]


[math]\cancel{That's exactly what I need!}[/math]


Thank you again.

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Thanks friends for your suggestion it work on windows but what about ubuntu? please discuss some more tricks like "2 power 2".

If you’re using a forum that supports a layout language like LaTeX:Math, such as hypography, you can use that language. The forums HTML software, then, will display your expression as a graphic your browser agrees it can display.



  • “2 to the power of 2”: [math]2^2[/math] renders as [math]2^2[/math]
  • ”45 degrees”: [math]45^\circ[/math] renders as [math]45^\circ[/math]

You can find some pointers on using LaTeX:Math in this thread, or at many tutorial and reference websites. My favorite of these are Wikipedia's Help:Displaying a formula and John Forkosh’s LaTeX tutorial

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