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Disabling user control popups in vizta


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Maybe this is common knowledge, it's simple as hell. But it only occured to me a few months ago. And everytime I re/install windowz I'm reminded of a buddy who swore off vizta for the reason of user control popups alone. I mean c'mon? Some people just don't want to worry about user security everytime they click something.


So open up "user accounts" from the "control panel" and click "turn user account control on or off" (then probably a few confirmation boxes also.) Now security "sitter" is going to pitch a fit, if its mood ring wasn't already in the red to begin with.


So open up "security center" from the "control panel" and click "change the way security center alerts me." In the new window that just popped up, click "don't notify me and don't display the icon (not recommended)" and maybe a few confirmation boxes.


In XP, I think that last window has three check boxes to blank out, for firewall, antivirus, and automatic updates.

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