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The Africans (by physical appearance) of early Europe

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By calling someone African, first, this is not a geographical definition by physical meaning anywhere in the world people have these characteristics they are African. NOT JUST IN AFRICA.


Deficient, non-inclusive synonyms are black, Afro-American, Negro. Two other major racial categories in my view are white and Asian. A host of other racial types mostly admixtures of the three don't fit into the classification I am using.


Further, color is omitted in this definition as it is both indefensible (some blacks are white-skinned and some whites are black-skinned) and unnecessary.


Unnecessary as other physical features suffice. In this PHYSICAL APPEARANCE definition, one is African who is inclined to have full facial features and woolly / wiry hair.


When the skull alone is available as in neolithic and earlier times, the dolichocephalic skull is likely African as it predated the later era of racial mixing and signals the time when brachycephalic skulls were reliably indicated whites. From the Bronze Age and later where there was racial mixing, skull types are often contentious and enter a gray area.


To this thread, and from this page Ancient Europe I will from time-to-time add some of the other three dozen pages which are relevant so stay-tuned.


1.7 Million-year Critique of African Arctic Circle and North European Populations



Marc Washington



THE ABOVE PAGE IS FROM THE Before BC site dealing mostly with pre-Western African history.


AFRICANA WEB MAGAZINE: numerous topics and over 300 pages like the

above, Before BC



artefacts (hard evidence) to present a pictorial image of Africa’s

Golden Age; a time before Columbus, before Christ, and before

the spread of the Indo-European peoples. An age where Africans,

as the woolly-haired people, were on every continent of the earth;

and the world was itself, thus, Africa. The pages prove this. To get

a quick overview, take 10x10; 10 minutes perusing 10 pages (non-stop)

a minute looking at 100 pages. Doing this, you will see the site in a

nutshell and get a bird’s-eyeview. You can gain a comprehension of

BeforeBC enabling a later return for a more studied review.


WEB MAGAZINE SUMMARY: The Golden Age of the African Before Christ



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