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How to make herbal extract ?

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I am just wondering how herbal medicine made, here is the detail description, and kind interesting.


You can make Tinctures relatively easy..

Assuming you have the Herb and correct formula..


I am in the process of making FeverFew w/ Vodka.. in case you don't want to take a Swine Flu shot.


To make a pure exctract I am uncertain and unable of in terms of machinery you may be required of.

Good question.

If I had a machine that turned herbs into pure Extract Juice.. Maybe you just need a Mortar and Pestal.

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Sounds not bad. Thanks for your sharing. Where will you buy herbs?


I grow the herbs.. or certain herbs that I like.. Feverfew and LemonVerbena for example...,

How to make Herb juice is what I'm hoping to find out...


Tinctures take 6+ months.. you basically distill it with hard alchohol., ie vodka or even better, Evercleer. Real easy concept.

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