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Gimp On Windows, With Ghost Script


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I've had an unfortunate adventure with this, so to anyone who needs to open up eps files in gimp in windows, here is how to get Gimp to see GhostScript


First of all if you need to open an EPS file, you need to first install GhostScript


Download latest version from: Browse Ghostscript Files on SourceForge.net


Install it


Rememember the installation directory (by default C:Program Filesgs)


Go there, enter the current version folder (ex: gs8.54)


Go into the bin folder


Then copy the path


You can now attempt to set the environment variable for Gimp to see GhostScript

Start > Run


Type in cmd, press enter


And use the set command to set GS_PROG to the path to gswin32c.exe file

ex: set GS_PROG=C:Program Filesgsgs8.54bingswin32c.exe


Add the bin folder to you path

ex: set path=%path%;C:Program Filesgsgs8.54bin


Try to open the eps file


If your variables are correct and the darn thing is still not opening the file, screaming at GS


This is not recommended but it works:


Go to the bin folder and copy gswin32c.exe and gswin32.exe


Go to the gimp installation folder, under bin paste in the 2 executables


Go and open the file again, errors you get after this should no longer reference ghostscript...


Lastly, send an email back to the people that sent you that eps, and express how inconsiderate of them it was to send you the file in that format...

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