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M Prize Breaks One Million Dollars!


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Father of Regenerative Medicine Pushes M Prize Over the $1 Million Mark


The M Prize over has now reached over the $1 million mark, Dr. William Haseltine, biotech pioneer of Human Genome Sciences fame, has joined the Three Hundred, a group of individuals who pledge to donate $1000 per year to the M Prize for the next 25 years.


His commitment will greatly help the chance of finding a cure for aging and it will definitly spread the word that there are serious efforts going on to cure aging.


“Encouraging researchers to compete for the most dramatic advances in the science of slowing, even reversing aging, is a revolutionary new model that is making its mark.”


“That’s good news for those of us who are already alive,” says Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Cambridge biogerontologist and Chairman of the Methuselah Foundation. “If we are to bring about real regenerative therapies that will benefit not just future generations, but those of us who are alive today, we must encourage scientists to work on the problem of aging,” said de Grey. “The M Prize is a catalyst for research into this field. The defeat of aging is foreseeable, if we take the steps to make it happen.”


Source: http://www.MPrize.org

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That page states: "Copyright © 2003-2005 Methuselah Foundation". I see no info about reuse. whoa182 - could you please check with either me or the source before you publish material that might be copyrighted?


I appreciate the effort but we must be crystal clear on one thing: We can only publish material that is released for reuse!

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