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Impotence and Infertility are linked

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Impotence is the condition in which men are unable to achieve the erection or maintain the erection for the sufficient time during the sexual activity, whereas infertility is inability in the men to produce the offspring. When a man suffers with the impotence problem there is a possibility that his sperm count be okay, and if person is infertile it is not necessary that he should have the erection problems. But, still many people are confused about the differences in the infertility and impotence. The first thing I would like to explain you all is infertility is a type of impotence, and impotence is not always infertility.


To confirm the link between the impotence and infertility, a study was conducted by the group of scientists. In this study around 200 men suffering with the impotence or erectile dysfunction and 200 infertile men who were not able to produce an offspring. It was checked in men with impotence that what is there sperm count? It was observed that majority of these men were having the normal sperm count and nearly 20% of these men were having a less sperm count than normal. In the next schedule of the study the infertile men were asked questions about there erections during the sexual activity.


Out of these men 33% men reported the problems during the sexual activity, whereas the remaining men were getting the fine erections during the sexual activity.Impotence is found to be a reversible condition because erection problems in the men can be treated with the help the simple medications, but the infertility problem is hard to be treated and very few cases are able to overcome the infertility problem. Impotence and infertility if are together observed in any man then it really becomes very difficult for that person to enjoy the sexual ecstasy. Impotence is being observed in many infertile cases, but infertility is observed rarely among impotence patients.


Impotence can be cured with the help of the medications like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. But it is very hard to cure the infertility problem caused by the scarcity of sperms or absence of mature sperms. Either you suffer with the impotence problem or infertility problems the first thing you must do is to talk about it with your partner and go and meet the doctor so that he can suggest you the medications that could help you to resolve the impotence or infertility problem. Impotence can also be treated with the help of the surgical treatments like insertion of the metallic rods in the male reproductive organs that could allow the impotent men to withhold the erections during the sexual activity. Impotent men have the option of the test tube baby method to produce the offspring, but the infertile men are no way able to produce the offspring.

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