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Experiments we can all share the results of & do


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I was wondering about a forum set up to suggest experiments we can all do as a community, to prove some theory or other.


For instance Dean Radin mentions in his book 'Entangled Minds' that precognition tests were done on humans that showed they could predict whether something that was going to be shown to them randomly, was either repulsive or attractive. My thought on this was dogs and football. If I try to get a football I'm kicking, passed my dog, it always seems to be able to predict and intercept where I intend sending it.


What I felt was needed to prove that this was the case, was someone tokick the ball for their dog and get it passed them and somebody to film the results, so the action could be slowed down, to show if the dog moves first, showing precognition or the human does, giving unconscious clues.


I had thought of another experiment but thankfully it wasn't a memory one because I've forgotten it! (The treachery of old age is that our memory perpetually lets us down!).:)


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