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GLobal warming not the same theory.


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Just out of curiosity i am not saying i believe this but i am very curious. steven hawkings said that the earth is not in orbit but it is actually getting pulled into the sun because every thing in the suppoedly "fourth demension" curves space and the earth is being pulled into the curve of the sun. so is it posible that even though it will be billions of years is it that the heat is starting to take effect?? slowly but steady just a stupid little theory of mine =P

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It's an interesting idea, but the answer is no. You have to remember that all planets, not just the Earth, are getting pulled toward the sun in this way, yet they are not heating in the same way nor at the same rate that the earth is.


It's also possible to calculate the amount of incoming radiation from the sun to the earth, and how that will increase with every step closer to the sun we get, and there's simply not a large enough increase in radiation from that increase in proximity to account for the temperature changes we are experiencing.


The sun has been pretty much ruled out as the primary driver of recent climate change, despite it's obvious impact on our overall climate stability.


All evidence suggests that human contributions of carbon dioxide cause less heat to radiate out into space after hitting the surface. That heat is instead reflected back toward the planet (like a blanket keeps you warm in the winter). As a very rough analogy, the CO2 is the blanket, and we humans are making that blanket thicker every single day as we add more and more CO2 to the atmosphere.

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