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A Way of teaching biology -let the kids do it!


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Blogging biology

A high school biology teacher was sick of photocopying handouts for her students, so she launched a website for class materials.

Her students ran with the idea, creating an entirely new model for teaching science.

Check out a video about the site, and hear from students who love it.

The Scientist : Blogging biology [23rd January 2009 01:50 PM GMT]


How true

"My duty as a teacher isn't just teaching them stuff," Baker said. "It's how to analyze (sic) information rather than just memorize (sic)it."


"It helps us learn which sources are credible and which aren't," said Caitlin Carey, one of Baker's students who blogs about cancer research.

and how the read the gobbledegook language (That each academic discipline has).

If they can do that they can probably order their own mobile phone plan without getting ripped off --an almost impossible task in Oz) :read:(

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