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Saving the Planet: Step 1- Energy


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There are some wonderful ideas floating around everywhere, but it seems so much study is going here and there, but its so unorganized it doesn't go anywhere fast or far, or so i think anyway.


so i am thinking maybe we can have a step by step discussion on how to actually help things, if only on our own small scale.


So step one is simply what he HAVE and what we need/want. not how to.


i am thinking lets just look at what we have, look at what me need and set goals. once we get some good well thought out ideas on this, move on to a new thread, Step 2: How to



So what do we have?

plant waste

animal waste


local environment, will vary a great deal! water, sun, wind, rivers, oceans, barren/arid etc.



What is it that we need?


fuels (alcohols, gas etc)

short distance, or on sight, recycling plants/buildings whatever.

cut out transport of things such as transporting waste form here to there back to here.

organic, or at least no heavy metals and nasty chemicals used




more ideas.


I that the best way to actually get somewhere is to first look at what there is available and look at what exactly you want your end goal to be. dream a big dream. Once you realize what exactly you want (it seems to me we all want so many things that we get a bit cloudy and perhaps think too much and just give up).

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