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  1. personal preference.... Obviously in previous times and in the "real world (meaning in the wild) more mating is better for species survival...simple numbers. and it is my opinion this is why many current societies outlaw it as they feel they need to somehow become superior to their more wild surroundings. but its biologically natural, so it is really up to you and your partner(s) what you choose in life :)
  2. Hello. I am not sure I understand what you mean. I have done a fair bit of studying local plants and DMT, and personally dont find myself altered by it or more enlightened, but the experience one has on it is certainly profound and intense enough that makes em think a lot of people that tend to have a spiritual "vibe" would take into it and learn a great deal about how they want to live life etc. Its a fascinating substance. Not one for recreation i can see.
  3. Iboga has been used for a long time in Africa. Recently it has been used to treat drug addiction, bad drugs like alcohol, heroin and cocaine. It has been shown, that with the ad of a "counselor" to aid in the experience it can render hugely great results..as in sometimes not craving the drug anymore. Iboga does also have a hallucinatory effect, which is probably why places like the USA have banned it. I read a little bit about the reasoning why and some thinnk it is because it is also a kind of delleriant, and works on the same part of the brain as memory. one person who is/was a mast
  4. i dont think oil is first, i think common sense is. if we had any common sense left we could quite easily avoid this whole "worlds going to end theory" and live out our days in clean happiness. but i think we are running on empty already. once we completely exchange common sense with fast greed, i think oil is big. followed by anything that depends exclusively on transport systems. i doubt water cause no matter how little we think we have (as in cant be watering gardens and washign trucks etc) we will likely have enough to drink from, even if its dirty. paper seems like an important
  5. anyone read The Dancing Wu Li Masters? I wont pretend to understand a lot of the theory behind these types of study, but this book i like cause its easier to understand for the common idiot like myself. anyone read The cosmic serpent? i wont get into these 2 books very much, everyone should read them. now lets move to perspective. in front of our eyes we see what we believe to be. the 2 books above have interesting twists on what else may. now reading these 2 books, then experimenting with something drastic, totally out of the ordinary for you. be it some kind of super meditat
  6. Our Charter of Rights, which means quite little in reality. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  7. my hypothesis is. The more one masturbates the more likely they are into the sexual aspect, the less one masturbates perhaps the less likely sex is the main driving force in a "relationship". of course there is the variable of people that go out all the time and don't need masturbation, but that pretty much answers the question as well as tey are into sex more than romantic long walks on the beach.
  8. I am from canada so that is the example i am going to use because i understand it. Feel free to add your countries related info, but please also include the exact wording they use so we can see how it may be bent. so to start with this from teh cahrter of rights in canada: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms those are the 2 parts that stick out most for my questions. 1. with freedom of expression, why is nudity so controlled? How is it that being us in our own body without foreign material covering ourselves is an offense. There is always that argument of protecting t
  9. the quake in Chile was horrible....we had tsunami warnings here in taiwan. though i think it was quite small as we were camping by the beach with nothing noticeable. this morning we just had a 6.4 really close by, but thankfully nothing in comparison to the americas recent disasters
  10. I'm not brave enough to mention it to her! that's the dream. last week i actually inquired near by there is a large steel factory that does custom work...to be honest the price of steel is too high now....and i personally think that concrete may last longer underground...but not sure about that...??? LaurieAG: thanks for that, that clears up some stuff, makes sense. Yoron, that sounds like an incredibly entertaining thing to do, but also sounds costly for the pump and that...also will be in dirt. lately have been doing up some plans for a new house and am thinking of workin
  11. LED, are almost there, still not quite able to penetrate liek other sources, but they will get it im sure. as fr the space saving with poly i agree 110%. i am drawing up some plans for a hydro aquaculture and started thinking in the pipes used for hydro, one could easily interchange a low grower, or say a ground cover like some beans, with a taller grower like peppers or tomatoes...for example. and that is barely even using vertical space to its full potential. mhmm. this is why with this sort of thing, it takes so long cause individuals have neither the money nro influence to make
  12. sort of, but the idea of vertical farming is to utilize the extra surface area provided on the sides with the height. for example if you have a 10x10 plot, thats your surface area. if you have a 10x10 by 10 high plot, you just gained 4x 10x10 plots. now as you say light is an issue. so lower light requiring and smaller sized crops are better suited, like lettuce and the like. naturally there will be less light further down. but spacing and thinking things out will maximize it. it is a little bit like those tripods farmers use for beans. 3 poles in a triangle and tied at the top, almos
  13. we still do, or hopefully still do. i think a lot of issues in the wold can be thought out far better by giving serious thought to "why?"
  14. here are some more random shots cactus chimera
  15. i am seriously considering this as well for a hex system i have planned. but one major concern i have is how to keep them enclosed (larger scale) and how to deal with excessive moisture buildup without loosing fly/larva/compost?
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