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A Science Essay & Exegesis ..........


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Shalom to the community,

... I'm Simcha. I'm a man of the Sciences, and an ultra-orthodox-chassidic-jew.

How's that for a combination ...

I can send you links through my email below ...




The following is simply an outline of :


... An Exegesis & Explanation on a Selected Array of ...



Please just call it what you want!

(in no particular order)



(in no particular order)





… To see a continuation of all individual 57 PDF-files,

Please follow this link :


... Thanks.


... my email address: simchatzvi (at) yahoo (dot) com

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To Pamela:

... thanks for the reply.

... it's rare that i get a message or response without necessarily being attacked!

... noone in this pathetic & terminal generation knows how to communicate with someone like myself who is an aggresive personality, fairly well educated individual, and traumatized to all creational hell, etc.

... didn't mean to bark.

all the best.


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