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Fear and learning in Los Vegas


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According to Dutch researchers recently (News clipping, so afraid nothing more available than that) horror films increased concentration in viewers while nice films worsened it.


Could this simply be why educational standards have declined over the years, including literacy because the world has become a safer place, requiring less attention and leading to more self-indulgence? (pursuit of leisure activities rather than hard work for survival, even in the classroom). Have we become so self-confident that nothing enters our heads just energy pours out of our bodies, in more and more pointless activities? (Simple Simon, rather than the original Big Brother).


Another thought on fear and learning - US scientists (another news clipping out of Metro) have discovered that mice can be taught to suppress anxiety in new situations, creating 'learned safety'. Was this what we were conditioned to in the past, in more dangerous times (old education methods) and what soldiers are taught now by veterans in their ranks? (NCO's/ old hands).

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