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Welches ist rechter...


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tough one!!! I think both are right but not sure. It depends what you want to emphasize first version you give more weight to today and in the second to America. But I love your reasion to why you chose one to be right!!!


Anyway an imprtant error of your post is that you say "Wleches ist rechter" and you want to say "which on is right" so you ought to say " Welcher ist richtig".

It is "welcher" because you refere to sentence which is "DER Satz".

It is "richtig" because in German there is a difference between "right, as in 'take the bottle on the right of the bucket'" and "right as in 'is this the right way to do it?'". Former "right" translates as "rechts", the latter as "richtig".

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alles klar! I did not know the gender had to match an implied object too! But you are correct, welcher would be correct, since "the sentance" is der staz. This is why I like talking to another human and not a computer to learn!!!! :shrug:


I was unaware of "richtig". In English, "right" is "right", regardless of meaning and silly me assumed Deutsch was the same! But now I know!

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Welcher satz ist rechtig, got it!


Slightly off topic, I know "nicht" negates a verb "Ich komme nicht aus Berlin" and "kein" negates a noun "kein Hemd, keine Schuhe, KEIN SERVICE", but where does "Ohne" fit in? I know it means "no or without" but under what conditions would ohne be the correct usage over nicht oder kein(e)?

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