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I've questioned myself whether I have it (started a post once here about it), but I don't know, at least with colour-digits relations. Though with those dots, I did 'hear' the pull/push of them. It was sort of like a pitch change in that high tone due to deafness caused by modern iPod listening / titinus sound (however that word's spelt..).


I still insist that letter A is red. And I've wanted to try a new method of piano playing with coloured notes, if only I could sit down and create a scheme.

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I'm glad someone's talking about this.


Over the years I've trained myself to be able to literally see sounds.


It wasn't until recently I worked with an amazonian shaman who sang icaro's.


An icaro is a song sung from the voice, but it's woven visually.

The shaman can see what he/she is singing, and so can anyone else with the ability.

You gain this ability by drinking ayahuasca, which was recently deemed by the Peruvian government as a "national treasure"


ayahuasca is a brew made from several different plants that contain MAO inhibitors and dimethyltryptamine, which is a neurotransmitter and endogenous tryptamine.


I was fascinated to find out that our very own DMT, found in everybody, when ingested properly gave human beings the ability to see sounds.


Some speculate this is where human evolution is heading,

and it appears as if we are already there

it just takes practice.


If you want to see sounds,

google "cymatics"

People are doing fascinating studies with vibrations.


Watch as one frequency spins clock-wise, alter the pitch slightly, and it will begin to spin counter clock-wise.

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