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  1. I'm putting together a very large home garden, and I would like to incorporate finely ground wood charcoal. I don't really want to create it myself, I'd rather grind up wood charcoal from the store. Could I use a woodchipper, or would it damage it? Anyone have input on this? I'd like to get away with not spending more than a few hundred and the woodchipper idea appeals to me because I could use the woodchipper for mulching as well, of course.
  2. Just found this on a listserv and thought it was a good idea so I passed it on: Charcoal against Global Warming | Facebook
  3. There's a post on the top of reddit, a popular web2.0 (democratic) social news website that votes up content, on "agrichar." I submitted it, and it's doing quite well in the science section which gets thousands of visitors a day. If you're interested in both the conversation going on within the thread, and the video itself which I submitted, google "agrichar reddit" and it'll pull up the page. I'm passing it on, because I think many of you could contribute to the information and commentary while it's up there and it's got eyes on it. Biochar is a good thing for the planet, guys! Let's pass
  4. Freeztar, Is the consensus to always BURY and/or TILL in the charcoal? Or can it be sprinkled on top for good effect?
  5. Haha dude, you're cracking me up. I'm pretty bad about books too... I recently developed a policy though, since books are cheap and they harbor tons of information... If I see one I like, I'll go ahead and buy it. Who knows, if the end of the world comes, and industrialized civilization ends because of the energy crisis... By god, I'll have my books. They serve as insulators on the wall too. I notice if I buy a new book, it also motivates me to finish old ones that I'd been procrastinating. Who cares if I end up with a huge library I haven't read? It's classy to have lots of books, right? Wh
  6. I don't know what this stuff is about "fatigue toxins," but Coffee does directly stimulate muscles by increasing glycogen availability and is good before a workout in moderation: Post-exercise caffeine helps muscles refuel It also can be literally used as a thighcream to reduce stubborn fat: Caffeine cream tones thighs Apparently it may have positive benefits for alzheimers too: A coffee with your doughnut could protect against Alzheimer's disease Potentially prevents multiple sclerosis: Caffeine prevents multiple sclerosis-like disease in mice Caveat... It may cause miscarriages: Coff
  7. I believe it to be relevant to this discussion that the thought presented that DMT may be released upon death was entirely conjecture on the part of Rick Strassman. He did not present that as in any way whatsoever conclusive.
  8. Synaesthates are more creative also... Yet again, New Scientist... Colourful sound of a bright idea - 08 May 2004 - New Scientist
  9. I appreciate your attention to the energy crisis, may your endeavors save the world, and garner you a nobel prize. And greatly enhanced lifespan.
  10. Hi freez! Thanks!! The reply makes a lot of sense. A few pretty simple questions: How big should I make the crack? Are we talking minute, or big? Like should I bury a hatchet in the lid for this crack? Do I throw the stuff I want to char on while the fire is roaring and throw on the lid, or after it's died down? Should my materials be really dried out first, or can they be a little bit damp? Thanks a lot.
  11. Hey, thanks for the link. I'll check it out.
  12. Haha...Alex, I think you were doing exactly what I do to new people I meet. I talk as though I expect them to know something exceedingly esoteric that i'm into to see how they respond. You can learn a lot of things about a person... Whether or not they know a few things about what I'm talking about, even if it's very little. This tells me how well-read they are on my interests. And the other thing... Whether or not they're liars, or at least fakers. You ever get into a conversation with someone about a topic you're interested in, happen to know enough about to know that they're using words t
  13. Well, even more so because Ron Paul was ultimately an internet campaign. He was a hit in nearly every major online community there is. Quite frankly the guy rocked, he's exactly what this country needs but almost assuredly won't get within our lifetimes.
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