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Effects of Chemicals on the body.

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What are the general effects of the chemicals on the body?


That's a very general question. Water is a chemical, but so is morphine. Very different effects, wouldn't you say?

As for antipsychotic meds, most work by interacting with dopamine pathways of the body. There can be side-effects however. Ironically, one side-effect of antipsychotics is psychosis. Crazy how the body interacts with certain chemicals, huh?


With regards to Reservatrol, I know nothing about it, but I'm sure a google search would suffice. Wikipedia is also handy in a pinch:

Resveratrol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Thank you.



Would someone tell me if a person ingested Insulin Growth Factor 1 if they would get the benefits?


YouTube - is the real hulk possible? http://youtube.com/watch?v=kfNCyZlVTtw


Is it possible after watching that video to modify the all the muscles with Insulin Growth Factor 1 and all at once? Like a fullbody virus that 'does'/'attacks'/implants muscles only ?

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Use of insulin-like growth factor-I in muscle - US Patent 6723707


This one is the best one I've found





On the Insulin Growth Factor 1 subject.


Still could someone answer if it's possible to engineer a virus which attacks the entire skeletal muscular system and thereby increase the muscle mass ?


I mean this may be the supersoldier serum in the making here.

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