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The smoke of money


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If you look at money and making money there is a lot of positive. What economic prosperity allows is an increase in the standard of living, thereby freeing up time so one can use that time for other things. In poor countries all the time may be spend just making a living or surviving. But with prosperity one has the opportunity to diversify what they want to do.


But on the other hand, money and making money can also gives off a smoke, so to speak. For example, a dictator may improve his standard of living, so he can so all those things he wants to do, but the smoke of his money making may be hardship for his subjects. Money making is not all good, nor is it all bad, but is analogous to a factory that producing useful goods and services, but in the process of creation it also creates some pollution. The religious person who says, money as the root of all evil, typically sees only the smoke coming from the factory and doesn't realize that same factory is producing useful goods. While the person who is for money money sees all the useful goods, but doesn't see the pollution.


If making money was a factory, the EPA would come in and set laws to restrict the level of pollution. But those making the products would be concerned that the hardship that pollution control would create, could cause the factory to increase cost or lower production to offset expense.


This is just a brain storming topic. Here is the scenario; we model making money as a factory that produces the useful golden glow of prosperity. But like any factory, it gives off some waste or pollution streams, by default. Before one can think about setting up an EPA device to lower the pollution, without affecting the useful output, we first need to differentiate the useful benefits of the golden glow, from the pollution that is a natural part of any factory. Does anyone have an suggestions as to what constitutes the useful golden glow and its pollution streams?

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