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Man's man and a woman's woman


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This discussion is to contrast how men and women view the ideal members of their own sex differently, than how the opposite sex views this same cross gender ideal. For example, a man's man is the ideal man that other men might try to emulate. He may be someone who is strong, resourceful, independent, intelligent, good with the ladies, etc, sort of a James Bond type. The female version of the ideal man is different. She will try to soften him up. The female will essentially chop off one of his testicles (figuratively) and trade that for features closer to a gay man. The man's man doesn't have to have the smooth face, but it can be weathered by his exploits. The female may try to add pretty boy features with long flowing hair.


A woman's women would be the ideal woman that other woman would try to emulate. I am not going to describe her, but will leave it for females on the forum, since they can much better describe her. The male's ideal woman will be different. The male figuratively moves one of the breast to the back for practical reasons that don't involved just nurturing. She will be good eye candy, a wildcat in bed, a lady when in public, doesn't nag too much, she is smart and practical, a good mother, etc. It may sound chauvinistic but this is the flip side of the female's ideal male.


From practical terms, each sex knows what is optimized for their sex, better than the opposite sex, since they live in that body. As an analogy, if someone alway drove a pickup, their driving would become optimize to that vehicle. If another person drove a Lexus, they would become optimized to that. Neither may fully understand the capabilities and limitations of other vehicle, but may try to extrapolate this based on what they are used to. If the pick-up guy took the lady Lexus off rode, it may not quite work out as well. Both sexes will try to optimize each other in a way that allows their own optimization, but which may not reflect what is optimum for the other. For example, the obedient, bare-foot and pregnant woman of the past was there for the optimization of males, but this male ideal placed a limit on females that was not optimized to their natural capability. In modern times, the females are also trying to create a male that is more optimized to them, but which may not reflect what is optimized for a male.


The reason I bring this up to show how two sexes think differently. If they were thought in the same way, they would both come up with the same vision of each other, independently. Men would be optimized playing the role of a female's vision of a man and women would be optimized playing the role of the male's vision of a woman. This is obviously not the case. But humans continue to try to make each other less optimized, because it is easier to become optimized if the other is playing a support role.

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