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Hey everybody!


Well, we're having a "Science Project Day" at school, and we all have to do a working model. That is something that moves, or that we can move. For example, last year, a group did a project on camouflage. They had this big box, and inside it they had a scene in a forest, with many different plants and all. They showed the camouflage of a chameleon by having a green coloured rubber chameleon in the green areas connected to a stick. The person demonstrating the project pulled the stick, and the chameleon went into a hollow. When they pushed another stick, a different red coloured rubber chameleon came out in a place with red leaves. While demonstrating it, they also explained the topic.


That was one of the simpler projects, and ours was much more complicated. This year, we want to live up to the expectations, and prepare another stunning display. Our topic is Undersea invertebrates and turtles. Can you please help if you have any idea?




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...Our topic is Undersea invertebrates and turtles. Can you please help if you have any idea? ...
Well, lessee... ;)


Do an aquarium with 3 and only 3 living things: a simple plant, fishes that eats the plants, turtles that eat the fishes. Start with a balanced number of each, but so that the total # critters only fills up half or less of the aquarium.


Let nature take its course. Every day, count the number of fish and turtles.


See if you can track "boom/bust" population cycles.


I have an Excel spreadsheet that does exactly this, with a simulated model of an aquarium.

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