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A civilized exchange


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If meat is murder then rape is robbery (taking without asking). As a crime men usually dismiss this with 'She was asking for it!' etc. This misses the point that society works through exchange of goods and services, and this includes sexual favours - so to steal (date rape drugs) or force yourself upon someone, is as wrong as stealing or violence in any other form.


This permeates the whole of society and how it is run. For instance in Accident and Emergency Departments, you should pay for the service by being polite, patient and tolerant, even when such acts are free or you are abusing the system (Trying to get it for nothing). Under such circumstances, treatment should be witheld, not given as a right because such reactions add to those injured and their injuries, not cure the problem. It covers all the emergency services from police, ambulance to fire crews and the abuse they suffer from just doing their jobs (Trying to help others)e.g's. fire engines having bricks tossed at them by bored teenagers, trying to prolong fires they started, police needing to be armed, ambulance crews attacked by patients or locals.


Dropping the goalposts in education, only encourages laziness - again unwillingness to pay the price of entry into this society, which is effort and control. Who will run this society if we create ignorant, rude students, who go out into the world expecting to abuse their situation and still get paid for it? Who will provide the goods and services, if not them? (See my illiteracy thread for more of the same - this is why dying civilizations, end up having to import workers from poorer countries, to keep the fires of their industries burning). We should be challenging our children, to encourage the best out of them, not indulging them, so we don't look like the guys in black hats to them.


Paying the unemployed without asking anything from them (not even manners) is the equivalent of kids as family members, not being allowed to contribute and leads to the same sense of shame at not being able to help society/ the family. It is an exchange deficit (unpaid debt to life/ society) that leads to feelings of guilt and unworthiness: This is people or spiritual economics.


Even the decriminalisation of drugs and prostitution comes into this in the need for control, not burying your head in the sand as a society, trying to pretend the situation doesn't exist or hoping it will go away because it is an unpleasant part of life. We need to face everything about life and grow up or as a civilization or we will just be another short-lived hypocrisy, not long lived democracy (Prohibition caused crime through secrecy, not openess: Accept the truth and get on with (work with it not against it): This is what King Canute was trying to teach his people - nature is nature).


Obey the law, not the Lord. A society works on fairness and honesty, and collapses when distrust rears its ugly head (even criminals can work with society and do have their own rules because nothing can work without its own science, to guide it/ run it: A chaotic universe? That's the end of it and the new starting point for those willing to grasp the nettle. 'See how the mighty have fallen? Look on these works and tremble!').

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