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SMART-1 nears final orbit


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SMART-1 is soon in its final orbit before it begins its 6 month mission of observing the moon. It will map the surface topography and texture, and also map for minerals. It will also look for water ice on the moon. There are already some images taken by SMART-1, of the crater Pythagoras from an altitude of 4000 km, and a longer moasic including this crater as well. Nothing spectacular yet I suppose, but the probe seems to be working fine so far.

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yeah i read something about that also, apparently there is a location on the moon that is in near perpetual sunlight, keeping the temperature somewhat constant...

Yes, according to an article in Nature this week there seem to be some points near the lunar north pole. This also seem to be where some of the highest concentrations of hydrogen were found by the Lunar Prospector so perhaps there is water nearby as well.

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