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Illegal Narcotics


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I agree that making it legal would not eliminate the problem, though it may alleviate some symptoms. Some people have proposed making drugs legal, stating that this would lower the crime rate - I've got the perfect solution - make everything legal, and there would be no crime! Laws are in place to protect people.

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I seem to remember another time the US banned a recreational substance, alcohol. Now at that point, bars just went under-ground and fed the young organized crime in the US (Which later came to be a major issue). Crime rates sky-rocketted and the Gov't spent huge sums of money fighting this made up enemy of booze. The same thing is going on now with illegal drugs. Since street drugs are not regulated they are more accessable(It was easier to get a bag of weed than a six-pack of beer when I was in school and little has changed today) and more dangerous (Street chemist I am sure use the utmost care and saftly measures not to contaminate the drugs).


I can see no logical or moral issue against the legalization of many of the "steet drugs". Alcohol is much more dangerous than pot. I do not think we need to give out crack and heroine willy-nilly, but the de-ciminalization would help alieviate the prison over-crowding. Most drug crimes would not be crimes if the letter of the law did not state it as such. To put someone in jail for a non-violent victimless crime is like jailing someone for speeding. The idea is ludacris. The US is pouring millions into the "Drug War", a policy that his been shown to be biased towards non-whites, instead of fixing the problems that lead to drug abuse: Poverty and Lack of Education.


Holland is a good example. Postitution and many drugs are legal. The crime rates are very low, the standard of living is quite high(no pun intended), teen prgency is virtually non-existant. Are these not the goals that the US would like to achieve? Or are these just the carrot place out there to get the un-informed masses to follow while they implement a racist and economicaly biased round up?

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So what is your proposal?


As I made reference to, work towards finding a cure for the actual, underlying problem: drug addiction. There's a farily recent (March 2004) article on this in Scientific American called "The Addicted Brain", by Eric J. Nestler and Robert C. Malenka. Scientists are uncovering the physiological changes - and their causes - that occur in the brain of drug addicts. Once the details have been worked out, then pharmacological intervention could actually cure the problem at the physiological level.


In the meantime, I would keep the truly dangerous drugs illegal.

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....until people are willing to do something about the lack of pleasure and wellbeing that most people are living with.
We let them do that and we got 'reality TV':naughty: :hyper:
The only illegal substance that I have tried is marijuana. I would like to try other things like cocaine and heroin but I have no way of knowing that I am getting a safe product from the streets and I can’t find accurate information about these drugs. I believe that these drugs would be safe for most people to use if they used them in moderation. Show me a heroin addict that only injects themselves with heroin once a month. These drugs should be used the same way people use prescriptions medication. I would like to know what is a safe amount to use without becoming addicted to it?
I cannot from a moral standpoint recommend or condone the use of drugs to someone that i dont personally know, but i can understand your mindset. On the other hand, i will say stay away from the hard stuff like heroin, crack, etc. Those two specificly are highly addictive after just 1 try.

As to proper use withoout addiction? Its very hard to say, because it depends on body size, chemistry, metabolism, immune system, and so on. You also have to consider mental addiction, which can be pretty strong. Every drug has to some extent (no matter what anyone else says)


I respect the fact that youre exhibiting caution and doing research.

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In my personal opinion these drugs are simple escapes, masks to hide the pain as your mentioned. I saw a documentary on the discovery channel....

...that of what happens ...

...and the long term effects.

And no matter what, dont forget this.


...that they would use cocaine in moderation and not get too carried away with it.

There is such a thing as a responsible user, but i havnt met many who can do it.

Think you can?

Take a 20 bag (has to be enough that u can take a bit and it wouldnt matter)and set it out in plain sight where youll walk by it all the time.

Tell yourself that youre only gonna use a little once a month for 6 months.

Then follow thru with it.

And if youre always thinking about how much you want it, i wouldnt really consider that acceptable. It becomes a distraction in life. (id consider that rehab)


*As for acid or shrooms, ive seen, heard, experienced nothing to believe that they are physically addictive, but they are a permanent change.

Good? bad? It depends on your trip and thats not something that can be predicted.

Its taking chances with the life of your mind.

And under no circumstances would i recommend them for the weak or unstable.

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