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There are five palm trees sprouting from the ground in a star-shaped pattern just three houses down. In it, are some kind of birds that are singing, right now.

I noticed that these birds would take turns.


One would sing, and then another would take over the mic.

They did it so jazz-like.

Every verse was different! It was amazing.

And I mean every single time a bird sang they sang a different rhythm, in a different key. They even sometimes followed the natural scales of feeeling.


there was a point in time where one did the bass drum, and the other did the snare, for at least 5 bars.


birds from everywhere within my proximity were partaking in this song.


I went outside and recorded it on my laptop.


It went on for an hour and a half and it is still going.


I also recorded binary beats while I was outside listening (With the birds. I broadcasted it so they could hear it too. They even harmonized with it when I turned it up loud)


6.28Hz (2xPI) Gave me a perfect 3/4 goa trance beat.

Isn't that amazing?



I also put on some pink noise, which induced a theta state outside on the sidewalk.


Then, out of nowhere

the birds stop.


Off in the distance,

I hear another bird singing circle.


Then they stop....

and all is quiet...

except for the frogs crickets and squitos [of course]



after about 2 or 3 minutes


I swear I hear the trippiest noise, it fades in /

another bird starts singing again (like a psychedelic synthesizer)

It wiggled its way into existence

and then birds from all over

start singing like a grand finale that slowly fades into ritualistic rhythm




I've never heard anything like it!

Usually birds don't have rhythm like this! ..Right?

(I think it's because of all the good music I bump down my block everah dayee ;] )


This was seriously one of the best concerts I'd ever observed, no joke.

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sounds awesome experience orbsycli ~ love to hear when birds bark, especially thrasher operas and, when 10 mi. upriver, nightjars and elf owls ~


there was a raven festival in arizona a few years ago: hundreds of ravens arrived at a spot (not the smaller congregations at dumps and carcasses) and all seemed to enjoy the 'rave' ~ the sounds were recorded (naturesongs.com) ~


~ the kind of livity that makes one take another sip, puff, or bite in empathic celebration ~

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