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i just found this on wiki and i thought you guys would be interesting. pretty cool!


Pathogenica is a relatively new form of experimental music, involving the use of genetic sequences of bacteria or viruses amongst other entities as the basis of note patterns in compositions.

These note patterns are typically translated by computers, before being played on electronic instruments or sequencers with additional effects being added after composition.


that tidbit certainly perqued my intrest so i looked for a full wiki page on it and i cannot find one. i also googled the name and i cannot find anything. nothing at all! has anyone here ever heard of this...? :) :eek:

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Interesting concept...

I wonder how this works. Are the DNA sequences converted from the waves or from the G-C-A-T sequences? How is rythym handled?

Here's an example of E. Coli DNA that I found:



You would need some kind of special software for converting.


Here's a site I found on the subject:

DNA & Protein Music


I'm still investigating this so if I figure out how to do this at home, I'll let ya'll know. :P

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Isn't there Windows emulation software for Macs?

The program is pretty sweet! You don't even need a midi editor to play the sequences as it has a player built-in which you can assign to different General Midi instruments. Of course, the example I posted was done in Tracktion and uses some heavy software synthesizers. :shrug:

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