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Images in Sound


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I thought this was pretty neat:

Aphex Face

and a wiki:

Spectrogram - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Has anyone tried this? If so, what image did you use and how?


I might try to do this in some future works. :)


I pose this question: How could the two be fused into a duet of art? In other words, how can the images change within the spectrogram while still retaining sonic beauty?


It would be like embedded video with no extra space taken up. :hyper:

I wonder, could ultra sonic frequencies could be used for the video part?


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I think it's interesting! Duh! I just don't bother responding to your silly posts. :evil:


Seriously, I don't think I fully understood the questions. Care to elaborate? I do remember using images in FL Studio's Beatmapper but that's something else entirely. :angryfire:

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I do agree that it is a gimmick, but is that the extent of this or can it be tapped further?


Why do mp3 tags embed with more kb used? Couldn't this info be stored as ultrasonic data? Would this result in a net loss of storage consumption? Or would it be tit for tat?

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The MP3 info could probably be stored sonically, but it would require that all mp3 players get new firmware (at least) so I guess we could maybe expect it in a later generation of players.


However, wouldn't be more difficult to edit the data though? The PC would have to decode the info, let you edit it, and then recode the song again! :angryfire:

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