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Same word completely different meaning


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I noticed there words which can have complete differenent meanings in another language even if translated litterally. My favorite is the c-word, trnaslated literally to italian it design the same part of the body, but is also a kind of compliment. Between men you would say of a very attractive woman she is a c..., if you would say it to her directly she might think it is a bit vulgaire (is this english), but if she knew men talk like that about her probably she likes it (if she likes to know men see her as very sexy).


Now it gets even more complicated if you take the masculin version (that means still the c-word and that part of the body, but instead of ending the translation with an "a" you end it with an "o") it becomes a synonim of great/good/nice which can be used in every occasion (you can even say it to a prof for example, maybe not at uni but before...) and is used by men and women.


The anecdote to this is that when I told this to some people in highschool in australia, they found it funny to great me like "hello sandro, you're a nice c..."....

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