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My Invention, Slight Of Pen Poetry

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Posted 07 April 2018 - 03:56 PM

Consequences feel like I got trapped in a worm hole.()

Or trampled by some buffalo while gettin jumped by Rogue pianos.()

Nevermind thats a skit Key n Peele wrote.()

I just wanna see collaborations gravitational strings pulled.()

Triple the average hero rubber band Pistol, stick up Philip But Banks Door Bell take the Ring Home. ()

From Philadelphia to Tokyo singin Oh EE Oh EE Oh EE Oh!()

Like a Weirdo 69 Lyricals Neo with the sleek Code. {}

One Green Throne We All Roam Feelin Like A Eagle.()

Style like Venezuela! had to meet a Supernatural Savior to make us the Reincarnater the Origin of Paper.()

Arizona Phoenix dreaming of the feathers while Dreamin on Fire.() 

stoned and four tire irons, crawlin in an impala sometimes thinkin we can drift spyders. ()

Crowbars of Onyx Polished on White Tigers.()

Go hard Mozart flyin Symphonys with outta License!()

Rap high as a pilot()

Practitioner of Righteous()

Haiku your eyelids! (^)

Take the fuze out isis painted A muse called why do we feel like this.()

Kickin it at the river styx watching the death tolls Increased prices.()

Plant trees on the moon just to say im hidin it.()

Diamondless wrath silent heart sounding like were celebratin life again.()

Fightin this against myself reflecting my iris as an Irishman. ()

Will of Lava hotta then Baka Barakas when im disquised in Violence Vibration of a Stradivarius Violin aint tryna win a Oscar.()

Even though i make ya go bonkers, start in the crowd blowin clouds at my own Concert()

im the King of Queens Crowned Clowners()

Im Sorry for Forgetting my own Power, to empower' bowzer, Turtlin like a Coward.()

Shake sour patch of strange flowers you thorn a bouquet into a shower of Arrow on my hours Tick Tock gettin Louder.()

The Pies a lie i decyphered, puzzle pieces with a piece of pizza makin Cheese Cake seem Rounder()

free little debbie downers!()

 guide the way i said i'd die to finda answer cold blizzards whispered with a RedLight Dancer, Warning Shivers i put the Bing in yo Chandeliers Chandler smoother than a bringing sander to  to Adam Sandlers Evening Sandles () 

Underdogs handler minds a Gong screamin Black Panther ()

 Fossilized Tree Rezin in the blood of this Opposite Bird in Amber()

I Got the Cure to Answers in stanza()

"Rabbit Speed dual weilding Twin Guitars i've named Axe and Anamalia()

 Rappin Sphinx Mood Swinging Penguin Sledding in Hamanaptra i put the ALL in Ultra()



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Posted 18 April 2018 - 02:47 PM