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  1. everything has oil :) the missing link is apes were the top race with quite the floral diet. *cough* Who knows we might just be descendants of plants. an example The Venus flytrap, Dionaea muscipula, a carnivorous plant. ​we gaining knowledge to study it. our intelligence evolved usually due to some sort of challenge. ​another example would be a dragon tree a tree that bleeds a red sap substance profusely, similar to our main arteries being cut. ​anyway any element you can think of has an oil or oil sub it makes em visible :) (Light) (Electricity is just crackling blue flames)
  2. Nickel does dissolve in nitric acid, but the concentration must be carefully adjusted. I have made nickel nitrate from the Dutch coin 'dubbeltje', which is made of 99+ nickel metal (with mainly tin as an impurity). I found that in HNO3 (60%) the nickel did not dissolve, in 40% HNO3 it dissolves vigorously, in 20% HNO3 it did not dissolve. be careful :)
  3. yeah i walked back in time till i seen the ground said iron king kept walking near some old free mason farm houses. the roads were bricked. I got home and I seen sillouettes of a snake and a cat on a wall. ive done weird things... July is gonna be crazy....
  4. These ones Get me the Ladies. By myself again But I Remember you() Tryna ressurect the Dead When i was in a Better Mood() My Medicines her beautiful Attitude() ... I like the way she takes control() The taste of her lips every slight Moan() The way her eyes roll.() That Laugh her hips in Slow.... - Mo Shes Like Krypt-o-nite....() My Aph-ro-dite its like trying to Capture Lightning.() Ohh..Oh.. oh.. oh... oh..() Ohh..Oh.. oh.. oh... oh..() Yo....() Shes got me under Hypnosis () She got me on the Keys Like Beethoven() Like somethin inside of me has awoken() From the way your Glowin i need t
  5. Sold My Soul To Save You All ill become the devil and he can finally have some freedom. its already started.
  6. No They Only Exist When Opinions Are Formed and even then they are illusions you've manifested.
  7. it means you are all connected. we be organic computers mate. and when you apply that syntax and forge them into merged themed sentences thought cant keep up you are forced to determine a path in communication. I don't want to limit mine. 4D :) "Sapphire Bird"
  8. http://www.scienceforums.com/topic/34357-this-is-advanced/
  9. Okay, dont quote someone if you can't read the quote. but english wasnt good enough. lets break it down super simple for mr pop eye here.. the word No means No in spanish. BOOM NAILED IT. okay seriously though when you think about it the transfer is instantaneous. we dont even notice it it's so fast. that is our communication problem. 3Dimensional ═ 3Directions 4 3Dialogues Right / Wright / Write Realise = real lies = real eyes now when you group words up like this to form a sentence you go time traveler fast :) "Jack Sparrows Playing Destiny in San Andreas as a Key-Word"
  10. I Did it With Words. When using multi entendre you make the variables mulplicative Rap High as a Pilot. = the speed of sound.it evolves further similar to a word like Iron. iron/ metal / character / and words turn into I earn into learn these are called evolving entendre an extreme version is one i thought of called RAO symbolizing over 83 acronyms The Sphinx Near Giza with the Moon These are actually symbolizing Ra , Anubis , Osiris Egyptians being spiritually merged. but never-less when using those multi entendre you are technically going Faster then you think. if the right words are said
  11. thank you its faster then sight or sound
  12. create large code functions with a filter (Codes converted into linked script create new characters doing so. use gemstones to engrave motherboard chips most conductive Light has a source what you see maybe outside a white box.
  13. My Name is V i also go by Iron and Rao my spirit animal is a White tiger with a Crow on his head umm im the equivalent of mercury/hermes i can solve anything just give me something important you need to know.
  14. it means you are naturally looking for something greater than yourself.
  15. What i'm about to tell you is the truth there are no mistakes you cant get lost theres only one exit. Fabled Treasure, sounds fun right? in a way things like philosopher stones are just your eyes. But these actually can be activated. With matured philosophy eyes bubble red and with atonement bubble blue you will vibrate. Some call this anxiety this is you not finishing your ritual. you are blessed to even Walk this world. i myself am blessed to slave for people i dont know. The Elixers, Magnus opus ill give it too you all right here. These days true philosophers don't exist.
  16. Vee

    Cure To Depression.

    Only once you form an opinion
  17. Alot of my posts are actually pinned and favorited by admins. This is actually just a different version of a water-Wheel just clearing out the bads. Please take ur seat ex-chemist.
  18. Too fill the empty space with creation and connect all worlds.
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