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Neural Pathways

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Posted 18 January 2017 - 04:38 AM

Consider two people from different racial  backgrounds - a Han Chinese and an African-American,
who simply LOVE Black Forest Cake. Although coming from different sociological backgrounds,
their Evaluation Function is more or less identical for Black Forest Cake meaning similar perception,
and possibly similar neural activation.
As another illustration consider an assertion "You resemble Einstein !".
As unrealistic as it may seem, it seems to indicate that your nervous system profile matches the alacrity of the
great scientist himself.
Is this model realistic ?  :sherlock: 

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Posted 18 January 2017 - 07:45 AM

The human psyche is grounded on personality firmware, which are common to all humans, and which define us as a species. These have been called the archetypes of the collective unconscious by the late psychologist Carl Jung. For example, you can take a kitten, away from its mother at a young age, and it will still develop cat behaviors, independently. The kittens have innate behavior characteristics, that define them as a species; firmware. The same is true of humans. We can empathize with other humans because we all feel similar things in a similar way due to firmware; genetic based. 


Besides this foundation, which lies deep in the unconscious mind, we also have the ego and conscious mind, which is more on the surface of the personality. This is more unique to the individual. The ego is innate, but it evolves itself though conscious interaction with the environment. Whereas the firmware is nature, the ego evolves via nurture. The result is we often have two things going on at the same time.


A good example is training a puppy.The puppy has its personality firmware that defines it as young dog, that wants to play. This is innate and would allow the dog to practice skills  so it can survive in the wild. We train the dog to our conscious needs. The final composite dog, is both nature and nurture at the same time. If the dog is a tracking dog, he may half listen to us, when it smells a scent in the air. He may develop an odd ritual before it sits. 


There is also one further thing connected to what is called projection. Projection is where the unconscious mind, to make content conscious, will shine like a movie, onto reality. What we see is partially from the environment, and partially from our own psyche. If you ever raised a kitten, they will race around the house chasing imagery prey. The firmware are projecting imaginary prey, allowing it to do some skills training. At the same time, the  kitten is well aware of all the furniture and hazards of the home, as they run up, over and around these objects in space and time. 


In the case of humans we have similar propensities for many things, like chocolate cake, due to the firmware. The unconscious can also project types. Einstein is a type characterized by high intelligence that make simple day to day tasks less than perfect. We may project that type in another, or we may see that in the mirror, and then make a conscious effort to externalize the projection. Others will also see this type since it will active the firmware which may then project more idealism than is real. 


The classic example of human projection is falling in love. Often the beloved appears idealized to the person who is under the spell of love. Our family and friends may not see the same person with those ideal characteristics, because they are not projecting. On the other hand, we may not be able to see the person for whom they are, because we are not aware that we are projecting. The firmware has a goal in mind and is using projection to help lead up to san end game; procreation. 


This leads to the ego not only being nurtured by the environment but also by projection into the environment. The young hard hearted you who falls in love due to projection, may learn to soften because of the idealized projection of love. 

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