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Tailoring Elements Demonstrating Spacetime Transformation?

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Posted 27 July 2015 - 08:11 AM

Dr. Chris Nagel has been able to, by manipulating the knotted structure of matter with light, craft magnetized copper, transparent copper, iron harder than diamond, nickle you can shatter like glass with a hammer, and dozens of other elements with tailored properties.

His patent claims underlying relativistic transformations:

"Devices improve control by selection, inversion, fortification, uniformization and mapping background energy (including vacuum energy, dark energy and/or dark matter, grid or brane energy) and including electromagnetic energies in various forms and states of aggregation, during a tailoring process and to processes of tailoring materials. Background energy can be dis aggregated and then integrated into common forms of matter (e.g., materials) for the expressed purpose of altering electrodynamic interactions by establishing harmonic maps between the respective electromagnetic fields."


Obviously, if true, this is an potentially unprecedented paradigm shift in physics, chemistry, mathematics, material sciences, music, art, architecture.

What are your thoughts? Is he really manipulating the "geometry of spacetime"?

He mentioned that he gave a talk to a bunch of Nobel prize winners and that "the 40 minute talk went really poorly, but the 2 hour talk went really, really well." Videos posted below, this is a considerable investment of time to be able to really engage with this material, hopefully this post piqued your interest.

Original Video here:

Q&A Here:

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