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Found 15 results

  1. Before you laugh this off, name one instance this was actually tested.
  2. Spatial and Temporal are being applied to virtual quantum waves to generate a hologram we claim is physical/real. Is spacetime (spatial and temporal) the definition of our reality? Anything with less mass energy than a virus is not automatically included in our reality. Mass energy lower can be a wave packet that uses spacetime via decoherence. Anything that isn’t using spacetime isn’t real. Coherent/plane waves do not use spacetime. Matter without a Higgs boson is not able to wave collapse to a physical particle ..only wave packet. Dark matter doesn’t have a Higgs boson but can influence t
  3. Gravity is the missing link between QM and GR. Matter Waves do not have gravity, do not age, and are not physical. Spacetime(gravity/age/physicality/local/phase velocity) is assigned via decoherence. The quantum/classical boundary is the mass of 0.3 micrometers because gravity can't be automatically assigned below that (objects above this line are automatically decohered) and because that is the width it takes light to travel in one femtosecond. 0.3 micrometers isn't a unit of mass, but it is the width an object would be that has the right amount of mass. Duality at the same instance is not
  4. Saying "Observation" is the same thing as saying "spacetime got involved" Decoherence doesn't require a human knowing about it. Spacetime represents our reality and converts virtual quantum information to physical/real objects. Observation/Measurement is dead. Spacetime determines if a quantum wave should be physical for our reality. Spacetime governs our reality, by handing out physical states. Time dilation demonstrates spacetime scaling reality. The flight/path/state of a particle/wave is known before starting. If a spacetime object (detector) causes the particle to decohere but cont
  5. Why are only unobserved particles allowed to partake in quantum weirdness events? || (deathtopenguin5) You are using "unobserved particle" in a weird way. All particles are unobserved, we can measure certain properties of a system/particle (i.e.wavefunction) by performing a measurement. I would say all particles are observed. Because saying "particle" means physicality is involved. || "physicality"? I guess you mean something like macroscopic, or classical? Hmm, I could use "classical", but I think that would imply duality is at
  6. As I understand it, when a particle/anti-particle pair is created they must have opposite spins in order to conserve angular momentum. In experiments it has been shown that when the spin of one of the pair is measured, the spin aligns itself with the direction of the measurement and will always be 'up' or 'down'. If the spin of the other particle is measured then it will be anti-correlated with its partner's direction even when the measurements are separated by great distances. My question concerns what happens if the experiment is done in curved spacetime. Will the the measured spin dire
  7. Would physics break? It would allow separate frames of reference to scale ..we know it is doing this because the speed of light is the same in time dilation volumes. Gravitational waves fluctuate the scale of reality as they pass. It could make cosmic voids expand and black holes contract. This is interesting because I think it explains how a black hole is started. A giant star collapses in on itself into the 4th dimension using the inverse cube law. You would need the force of a collapsing star to interact with the fourth dimension. What does the information paradox say about matter be
  8. Unobserved waves are unphysical, but ones with state change experience duality and get spacetime involved. Observation doesn't always mean Quantum Observation. What matters is if a state change happens. State is a binary physicality variable. I'm now questioning if it's even necessary to declare observation is involved in the double slit. It's accepted that observation means measurement ..but all the experiment cares about is a waves state change while its moving (and is allowed to continue moving). Observation would just be something that occurred after the experiment was over. It didn't infl
  9. You make a request by setting something that can analyze the particle during its life/path. You are saying you want the particle to be real/physical. Double slit interpretation: Randomly shot particles are shot through a double slit, if no one places a detector in the path of the particle, the unobserved particle will be in the form of two waves (one for each slit) . Depending on the which wave ends up with more energy (after the split) ..the final position of a channel representing a fringe will be the final resting place of the now collapsed particle. If the energy wasn't unbalanced, I w
  10. QuantumFieldTime ..it's like SpaceTime except it's unobserved. It doesn't use time, but has been around forever ..even before SpaceTime. Let me explain. The spark of SpaceTime has a beginning time within the realm of QuantumFieldTime ..but it wasn't the big bang. The Big Bang didn't see SpaceTime until much later. The Quantum world was doing just fine as a flat existence without SpaceTime. Objects today that are large/3D and are always anchored to spacetime were flat before SpaceTime, but were holographically 3D like the holographic principal portrays. A god with infinite time on its hands dec
  11. and apparently, it's getting stronger https://arxiv.org/abs/1811.02590 Any theory you come up with is better than Dark Energy being a thing. I have two: If spacetime assigns gravity, then empty space doesn't have it ..so those regions would not have gravity wells. Empty space is like anti-gravity because it causes the spacetime fabric to be higher - which causes the gravity-wells/spacetime-clumps to coast/slide away from each other. and/or The edge of the universe is likely a sphere that keeps expanding like a balloon. I propose that gravity-wells of galaxies all move towards the edge of
  12. When something doesn't have time, gravity, and 3D ..what makes you think spacetime is involved? I'm talking about QM objects when they are unobserved and are considered waves (the unobservable). Have you considered QM might not exist within the fabric of spacetime until observation? The Wave function wouldn't result in probabilities if it was possible to include spacetime. QM waves do not need anything from spacetime to continue existing. Entanglement is obviously not a property of Spacetime. Spooky action at a distance can happen because QM doesn't have time like we experience and
  13. I want to share with you my hypothesis about spacetime, time and observers. What do you think about my following hypothesis: Reality, in itself, without observers, is a manifold, a 4D-object. Spacetime is this 4D-object, which is not directly observable/measurable, but only deducable. Spacetime is therefore, in my opinion, a Platonic entity, very real, even more 'real' then our relativistic observations of time and space, but pure abstract to us, and mathematical to us. We can’t observe it directly. So, the mathematicians and theoretical physisists should like this idea that reality n itse
  14. I'm gonna start off by saying that I by no means am an expert on physics. I'm only 14, but I'm curious about spacetime and gravity. My current understanding is that time actually is bent in a curve relative to mass, and that we perceivee time as being straight but that it actually is bent because straight lines cant exist in a universe filled with mass. Im pretty sure Im missing something, so to what extent is this correct? Thanks
  15. Dr. Chris Nagel has been able to, by manipulating the knotted structure of matter with light, craft magnetized copper, transparent copper, iron harder than diamond, nickle you can shatter like glass with a hammer, and dozens of other elements with tailored properties. His patent claims underlying relativistic transformations: "Devices improve control by selection, inversion, fortification, uniformization and mapping background energy (including vacuum energy, dark energy and/or dark matter, grid or brane energy) and including electromagnetic energies in various forms and states of aggregatio
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