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What are your Dream Symbols ?

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#1 Thunderbird



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Posted 13 March 2008 - 09:57 AM

I would like to ask the members about their dreams. Specifically what type symbols they have. Are they the natural kind of animals, storms, floods, landscapes, etc. or are they dreams of the social type. Finding yourself in social situations, work, school, family. Are the symbols mostly modern objects, as in cars, bicycles, houses, or horses, caves, beaches, etc.

How much of your dream time is of modern social nature, to the ratio of the natural or primordial.
Also any recurring dreams. :)

#2 Pyrotex


    Slaying Bad Memes

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Posted 13 March 2008 - 03:27 PM

My most frequent dream symbols are roads, pathways, destinations that I cannot seem to get to, darkness, bridges and panaramic vistas.

Recurring dreams are:
1. I'm on a road or path, sometimes through buildings or forests, and there are signs of people having been around perhaps the day before. But I never see any other people.
2. I'm driving on a road and suddenly remember where I am. I'm close to a sideroad that I discovered years ago, a road that leads to the edge of a canyon that dwarfs the Grand Canyon, a road that slowly descends the cliff-face, revealing a panaramic vista of rock formations in every color of the rainbow. I try to find that sideroad and usually fail. Once, I actually found it.
3. There's a person I desparately need to see, and I'm traveling to see her. I keep getting distracted in the dream and then remembering to resume my journey.

#3 freeztar



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Posted 13 March 2008 - 04:51 PM

I can't think of any particular symbol. Most of my dreams are socially oriented. Most of the time the people in my dream are people I've never met before. Sometimes, these strangers represent people in my real life.

I don't have reoccurring dreams.
My dreams run the gambit from futuristic space odyssey to a learn how to fly boot camp in a wilderness setting. I don't normally dream about animals, but when I do they are usually malicious.

Actually, now that I think about it, there is this one old man that has shown up in my dreams on 3 separate occasions. He taught me how to fly. He has also shown me the most amazing sunset/sunrise I've ever "seen".

I find it interesting that some people do not dream in color...

#4 nutronjon



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Posted 14 March 2008 - 09:36 AM

My dreams are social. Especially, when I am working on a social problem, I will dream about the issue, like Einstein dreaming the math problems he is working on.

Like Pyrotex, my repeated dream is most often one of discovery, often discovering new rooms in a building. This symbolizes needing to discover our hidden talents. I have used a dream symbolism book to interpret my dreams, and found this helpful. Sometimes predicting a major life change. These were most common when I was in a bad marriage that I really needed to get out of.

I regret not having nature oriented dreams. I am think I would like to get out of city and reconnect with nature.

#5 Thunderbird



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Posted 14 March 2008 - 09:57 AM

Last night: I am cool hand Luke.. Being pursued though a swamp by law enforcement, blood hounds baying in the distance across a stretch of water.

I see and hear one of the blood hounds is hurt and limping and making high pitched yelps.
I stop running and call the dog over to examine its wound. Suddenly I am surrounded by officers of the law. They seemed more concerned about the dog than apprehending me.
They ask about the blood hounds injury, I tell them it looks like a snake bite, they carry the dog away.

I keep walking until I reach a farm house, as I come around the corner of the house I'm startled to see strange barnyard animals in the front yard. They appear to be a mix of mythological creatures and run of the mill farm animals, and one very large buffalo.
They appear to be in the middle of a discussion, they all turn to look at me. I get the feeling they were waiting for me and the buffalo is the leader. I see a light on in the house and realize that I have stumbled into a fairy tale story, the house was the lair of an evil witch and I was about to be inextricably drawn into the plot were I play the hapless traveler abducted by the witch for some vile propose. I was having none of it, I turn and run across the field toward an open stretch of water, with the horde of beast chasing behind.

When I reached the edge of the water I lift my arms to grab the tension in the air and pull my self up and up and begin flapping my arms into a speedy flight pattern. I look back to see I am still being pursued by what looks like a flock of sand hill cranes and the buffalo is now flying beside me and has grown a set of wings. It has a human type face and is smiling at me knowingly, as if to say, this is part of the story. I wake up and checked the clock 4:10 am.