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  1. Prove God is the not stuff of the universe.
  2. I opened to another penalty this morning and have decided these forums are just too mean spirited. I am taking a break, and while I am gone Craig penalize me for every statement that I have not defended, and you all can penalize me for every mention of God by calling this preaching and prosetyling although it is neither. But go for it folks, you might find enough to ban me and then you can pat yourselves on the pat for you big win.
  3. This is the point of view I have speaking of, I will do my best to find other examples. Of course if you all want to spot talking this, just stop replying and there will be nothing for me to respond to, after I complete all the responses I already have to respond to, to avoid another penalty for not defending what I say.
  4. Okay, let's try this- There is no such as atomic particles and anyone who says they exist is a nut job. Is this a good argument? What makes it a good or a bad argument?
  5. I would love to objectively analyze what Nitack said in response to what I said, and may be it would be a good thing to continuing taking this thread off subject? But I honestly did start this thread because I was delighted with the realization that there is a social purpose behind insulting people and that is clique behavior. Criag, maybe it is just because my memory is poor, but I don't remember you beginning arguments by insulting people. There is a difference between saying mean things to someone, and disagreeing with a point someone made. You practice good manners, because this app
  6. Well I guess it is a good thing we are speaking of democracy, however, I do not want to participate in another hostile argument, so I don't know how to handle this, because democracy is very much a state of mind. It you google, "Democracy is a state of mind" you find many links. I chose one that I think best addresses your comments, because it makes an issue of the importance of the people in a democracy. The article begins with an explanation of how during the cold war, the US was supporting strong military leaders in both Africa and South America, and how despite the trappings of democrac
  7. A friend said my returning to these forums when it has been more of a bad experience than a good one, is like being addicted to gambling, and that makes sense. Often I thought of not returning, but I do, because there is a chance someone will agree with me, or someone, like Hydrogenbond, will say something really interesting that gets to thinking, or someone will say something that motivates me to do some research and learn something new. All these things make me happy, so I take a gamble that something good will will happen, and endure the unhappy moments for a chance of a happy one. A
  8. I am really glad I asked that question. You thought of things that didn't enter my mind. Reading what you said made what I know of history more meaningful, and gave me an intriging picture of a different reality. Savants being valued kind of like rare computers. The need to teach people desirable character traits to keep information as uncorrupted as possible, is a motive for morality I never thought of. No sound medicine as we have today, but snake without labels, sounds really bad. I like thinking about this stuff and running it through my head, kind of like a movie, watching people ac
  9. Yes, let us talk about where those jobs are and where they will come from. Real income has been dropping, while the cost of real estate and the cost of living has increased. This doesn't just mean the middle class have less deposable income, but that it is increasingly difficult for low income to just survive. Employment used to be tied to mineral resources and trees and we are exhausting those resources, and have spent the wealth. This do not look good.
  10. What if paper as we know it today had never been invented? What the world be like today, if paper and then the printing press, had never been invented? What if there were no books to read, ever?
  11. May be we should expand our view of the world a little? The Muslims had preserved what ancient civilizations had achieved and expanded upon it. Because the east and west did have contact, I don't know if we can be sure what came from China and what did not?
  12. I think there is another way to explore this question. I came to the history thread to ask a question. Before there was a sea routes between China and Europe, there was a land route, and cultured mover from east to west, not the west to the east. Europe was primitive compared to the older civilizations. Baghdad was the gateway between the east and west since early times, with trade occuring before the European countries we know today were established. That is well before Leonardo's time. The following is from Wikipedia:
  13. I am running late and unfortunately don't have time to address all the arguments, but only time to say, prove to me a cup of coffee is a cup of coffee, or that a tree is a tree. Then I will have an idea of how to prove god is the stuff of the universe, and not a supernatural being.
  14. You felt inspired to say a lot did you. What have I said that leads to say I said democracy is God, I think you misinterpret something I have said. Democracy is of humans and can only be human. If I wrote God is supernature, it was one of the irritating times when I forgot to use the "not". I hate when I do that. God is the stuff of the universe, means whatever the universe is made of, we can think of that as God. The Stoics, and later Spinoza, and to some degree the Hindus kind of see things this way, and when Jefferson wrote of "the Laws and Nature and Nature's God" that is what he wa
  15. What is wrong with the claim that God is nature? Is it too pagan for you? Unless a person has a whole more to say about God, and turns this into a system or worship, it is not preaching and it is not prosetyling. I did not create the theology forum and if you are unwilling to tolerate different ideas about God, then this forum should not exist. Calling people who have different ideas of from your own, "trolls", is insulting. You may not be immature children, but I do not see the maturity in insulting people.
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