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Size of distant galaxies.


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Some of the the logic here is reversed I think. Tormod had it correct about that "Hyperinflation"

occured within the first few micro-increments of time after the big bang and that period

was as though it was superluminal. This would violate any Special Relativity in that any

frame was relative to the space you were in. The first instant after the Big Bang was

also when space and time themselves were created. However, I read an article in the

current issue of Scientific American determining Galactic Size. The article basically said

that early on in the universe (say first half billion years) Galaxies were bigger and closer

together. As the age the universe has progressed production of galaxies are more

numerous now of the dwarf variety and not bigger ones like ours or Andromeda. This

is (possibly because of the effect of dark matter | or dark energy) that space itself is still

expanding faster than light. It is kind of a resurrection of the Omega constant that

Einstein created to offset Hubble expansion. Personally, I would read the article and then

form whatever opinions you wish.



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