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Originally posted by: IrishEyes

Freethinker, thank you for showing restraint and not tearing into wepe after the 'pot-smoking' comment. You displayed much more self-control than I gave you credit for, forgive me?

Huh? Sorry, was busy rolling one! :-)


Since I am posting, I will add something I was going to let go. But as a matter of explanation. Wepe was the first to attack using the science angle.

Originally posted by: wepe

Wow, its not even a scientific argument anymore.

I merely responded in kind.


Which as you know I follow, "When in Rome... !"

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let me recall this website posted by TINNY before....:



"matter, another name for illusion"


it demostrates how our senses work.... and conclude that all we see and feel is away from the reality and scientific theory...


"We acknowledge that all the individual features of the world are experienced through our sense organs. The information that reaches us through those organs is converted into electrical signals, and the individual parts of our brain analyze and process these signals. After this interpreting process takes place inside our brain, we will, for example, see a book, taste a strawberry, smell a flower, feel the texture of a silk fabric or hear leaves shaking in the wind.


We have been taught that we are touching the cloth outside of our body, reading a book that is 30 cm (1 ft) away from us, smelling the trees that are far away from us, or hearing the shaking of the leaves that are far above us. However, this is all in our imagination. All of these things are happening within our brains."


everything we feel and sense happens in our brain (in the brain only, not the realy world)... the brain is simply a reacting machine, which is not a very good "measurment" of the outer world...

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