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There is an expectation that we will someday receive a message that originated outside of our solar

system. One cannot expect that the ETs (extraterrestrials) clock will have a time base that is exactly the

same as we use.


The way we define our basic unit of time (the second) is by making each "second" equal to 1/86,400 of the

earth's rotation, at least we did it that way before it was decided by the higher powers that an atomic

standard should be used. Various ETs may use different methodologies to establish their unit of time. If we

are not using a common time unit certain types of communication become difficult.


If it was established that all galactic communication should be at an offset of 3.1415 MHz above the

frequency of neutral hydrogen (1420.4 MHz), we wouldn't be at the same frequency unless we used the

time unit established by the ETs.


The wavelength of neutral hydrogen is absolute throughout the galaxy, but when we convert it to frequency

we are using the wavelength formula. The wavelength formula uses the speed of light, and in our case the

speed of light defined in meters per second. In the formula, the length, in meters or feet or whatever,

cancels and the resullt are in cycles/second (Hz in our case). If ET uses a time unit that has a different

length than the second the frequency will be different. Thus if they add 3.1415 to their value for the

frequency of neutral hydrogen it will not be the same as when we add 3.1415 to our frequency value.


An absolute natural time base can be defined mathematically and an advanced ET civilization will have

found the same mathematical solution. It is natural because it is closely linked to the basic rotation

characteristics of habitable planets. It is natural because its basic form uses a simple right triangle and

the wavelength of neutral hydrogen as one of its legs. Any ET that can communicate using electomagnetic

waves will know the wavelength formula and the characteristics of what we call a transverse wave. I am

sure they know geometry. If we and ET(s) used the same time unit, 0.6255... less than the second, for

defining galactic frequencies we have a chance for communications if specific offsets are reserved for

intergalactic messages.


A couple of years ago I wrote a small article (18k pdf) about the time issue and it may be of interest to

readers of this forum.



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Very informative post. I agree with most of it. One question, how are you "sure they know geometry"?


Another thought,... would time be of critical importance if we recieve a message from ET? How would we understand the message at all? We may determine it is of an intelligent origin, but how could we decipher it's meaning? We can't really understand chimpanzees and dolphins, how do we translate an extraterrestrial message?

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im always wondering how we can learn language when we were little babies.


i mean you wouldnt know what theyr talkin about even if someone explain something to u, like your parents keep calling "mom", "dad"....


how did everyone know mom = mom, dad = dad??? apple = apple but not the finger or a bug on the apple....?


well, a language system in our brain......huh?


hmm, im sure that there are some ways that we can "feel" the meanings lol.......


(pretty unrelated post....)

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Originally posted by: FrankM

There is an expectation that we will someday receive a message that originated outside of our solar system. One cannot expect that the ETs (extraterrestrials) clock will have a time base that is exactly the same as we use.

While I understand WHATt you are presenting, I don't understand WHY.


Yes I can see your point about specific anthropomorphic numeric bias used in defining specific measurements.


But you reference it to commuications with ET's.


We now understand that just as human society is moving away from using massive amounts of electromagnetic spectrum in open broadcast mode, others would most likely follow a similar development path.


Thus the best chance for reception of ET transmissions would be detecting intentional ones. Not just random background noise.


This would be intentionally sent in such fashion as to give the greatest chance of it being recieved.


So while your comments would be valid for determining which electromagnetic allocations might be arbitrarily choosen to best implement terrestrial communications, that they would not find it easy to find TV channel12 even if TV Ch 10 is known, this would not become an issue for the selection of spectrum for intentional ET communications.

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