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Looking for help about a specific type of material


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Hey gang! Didnt know where to post this (thought it might be a physics question or something, i dont know if it exists you see), but decided to post it in here for the safe bet.


Anyway, im looking for a material that stays cold (about 5 degrees C) with enviromental conditions between 40 - 50 degrees C (or stays cold for quite a while; 1 hour plus). To be able to re-use it a number of times would also be good. The cooling process could be the fridge or water or whatever.


It must be lightweight - no more than 5kgs for 2 metres square and (say) 0.5 cm thick. A metal is no good as it needs to be supple and malleable (the consistency of a water would be nice, bit thicker maybe so as not to be as runny).


Ive googled this and it seems to get confused with whatever search terms i use (but will keep trying), and those that i have found that show positive results are companies that only seem to deal with large quantities so have said they will not respond (ah well).


Any help would be much appreciated... truly.



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Saline. Salt water? And thats because it has a lower than 0 freezing point yes? Sounds like it could be a good idea, not sure if it will stay cold enough long enough mind, but thanks, ill try it.


Now all i need is an idea for tubing...... hmm, let me think

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Sorry guys, im not on the psa circuit [yet ]. Havent been able to secure any A tournament wins sadly due to regular heat exhaustion (minor). 1 hour + matches in grueling high 20 low 30 degree temperatures - damn ridiculous (seems to be a UK tradition - dont ask). Bloody pi*sed off i get!! uh hum... sry bout that..


Not much money in soft ball anyway, getting better mind - give it 5 years or so i reckon.

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wow, those heat relief things look really good, much better than the 'ice vests' that ive used before (which dont work for me to tell you the truth).


Head bands, hats, neck bands and tops! Great stuff Tim.


Thank-you to all 3 of you. Much appreciated!

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