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Destroy the Earth - Stranglet


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Since there is trend for larger and more powerful atom smasher's or supercolliders being built all over the world. Is there a chance that a stranglet could be formed, in which case it would sink to the center of the Earth and create a black hole.




One reason I am wondering if this is a possibility, considering Fermi's question about advanced civilizations, or there lack of any evidence for class 1 civilizations. Never mind any class 2 or 3.


The reason being that all past class 1 advanced civilizations are now black holes from doing particle research in accellators, and under-estimating the ease ofcreating stranglets which destroyed their home planet and creating a mini black hole.


We are estimated to be about 500 years from being a class 1 civilization. If stranglets are not controllable once started, and are easily created by a large enough particle accellator, then we are doomed to be destroyed in the near future by our own scientific advancement.

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