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MA Theory

(By Mukesh Kumar
IIT Dhanbad 2017 Batch
Engineer at NLC India Limited, Tamilnadu, India)

This Theory is basically the   Basic Theory of Everything which explains all type of Matter in the universe (Normal Matter, Dark Matter and Anti matter), It explains all type of forces (Gravity, Electromagnetic field, Nuclear Field) and all type of Energy in the universe (Dark Energy) 

It also explains quantum entanglement
Problem of wave-particle nature duality, One particle interference pattern in double slit, why particles have charges, what is in the space, what is a wormhole and what is a SINGULARITY…..

Postulate: MA ENERGY takes the form of Matter by RESISTANCE of SPACE in the universe 

MA Energy: 

1)Energy of Radiation of Electromagnetic Spectrum is just one form of M energy which in our physical world is such that it can only make a photon by interacting with A energy. Their interaction is such that it forms photons and an energy barrier is created which is nothing but GRAVITY. TIME is just another name of this barrier which is this gravitational field. And this itself creates the very first definition of time which is “to move slow in gravity”  and after this we can now start counting events (Because now some minimum measurement has come into existence) as a mutiple of this very small fundamental definition of time (we can use h because it is minimum possible measurement of time as per quantum mechanics)

SPACE is nothing but DARK ENERGY with cosmic drama inside and keeps compressive nature (by its very ture nature) against Energy which itself keep expanding (by its very true nature)  against Dark Energy).

2) The resistance of space cause ENERGY to show physical states based on the strength of this barrier between MA energy)

3)Photon is the least possible physical state of this M energy under minimum barrier. Thus photon itself is a Graviton…Similarly, Black holes are just another physical states of this barrier. 

So we can say seeing interference pattern light actually is not showing any wave nature. Gravity of slits comes into picture which divert the routes of high energy electrons at corners…so diffraction of light proves it a particles phenomenon and not wave…..through single slit light wave shows particle like nature only due to gravitational effect at corners and bends. (Can be seen in De Broglie Bohm theory picture of interference pattern using 100 trajectories)

And when we observe a single eletrcon using a photon then as soon as electron and photons combine then photons who are travelling very close to super dense singularity of electron they are just simply observed inside and give electrons an extra energy to travel very fast and gets less affected by bends and corners.

Quantum entanglement in this way comes out to be just a connection between particles that their gravity and matter has been mixed and then by external energy this system is elongated literally opening a tunnel …thus information can be transferred instantaneously….we litterly observe the same thing when we make observations but in different times…like just we are seeing an object in wormhole

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On 9/13/2023 at 3:26 PM, Jasper10 said:

Hi, I’m a very AWARE philosopher and I’m very intrigued.

I have a couple of questions that I guarantee you won’t be able to answer even though they are very simple questions that scientists should easily be able answer,

Question 1- As matter entering and exiting the cosmos from multiple points and varying timescales right now,My question is, how come scientist’s  claim that matter came from one point and will exit from one point? How can they go and get the matter that has already disappeared?

Question 2 - As everything in the cosmos is a spinning bar magnet in the cosmos at the both the micro and micro levels.This includes stars;planets;holes and Protons;Electrons;Neutrons then how is it that scientist claim that electromagnetic forces cancel out when they don’t.It is impossible to cancel these forces of nature between two objects according to Newtons 3rd Law.

You can completely ignore the above 2 questions if you wish but they completely demolish all of modern day scientists accepted theories.

AWARENESS is so powerful.

Please give something other than your baseless claims to back up your nonsense. 

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