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Free form energy and magnetic and electrical compulsions in the universe.. Electricity was suppose to be free..


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Free form energy is magnetic compulsions and attractions of magnetic ions contracting atoms and bonds into reusable sources of energy.How to attract and recieve magnetic compulsions of magnetic ions and atoms in the universe and or atmosphere is to use a device that detects magnetic sinewave wavelengths of magnetic compulsions emitting from the universes Par alignment of the magnetic ions bursting into free form sinewave wavelengths of energy emitting if you were to make a device that sits on each corn of earth you could in fact possibly power the whole world with 4 towers.

If anyone's interested in working with me on some inventions and technology please post below.

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Exploring alternative energy sources is crucial for our future. It reminds me of a project I once worked on, trying to harness renewable energy from natural elements. If you're diving into inventions, it might be worth checking out resources like https://smarterbusiness.co.uk/. They often have innovative ideas and insights that could spark new avenues for your research.

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