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How far is it possible to dig a hole with heavy machinery?


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Hello, specifically I planning a hypothetical scenario where I am building a bunker underground 50 feet. The length of the bunker is 100ft by 100ft (10,000 square feet). The goal is to have 15-20ft ceilings for height and for storage underneath. What is the most practical and possible way to accomplish the means of putting 10 meters of dirt between the bunker and the surface. Another thing is to have 2-4 escape hatches and main entrance for a garage leading up the surface. Another question I have is what is the most practical way to incorporate hatches without having a risk of collapse from dirt shifting. I am also planning to have 5-10 ft of concrete poured all around the bunker. I am open to any flaws I may have, but I’m pretty set on the space being 10,000 square feet. I’m a beginner engineering student, so I’d love to hear from more experienced engineers and workers. 

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