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The single property everything has is temperature. Nucleus heat creates the background temperature of the universe. Nucleus heat is yet to be defined. It is a black heat that is attached to the nucleus, it creates a density on the aether which determines lights speed and time dilation of matter. Unlike heat energy, nucleus heat doesn't expand outside of the gravity field it creates. When two gravity fields touch the aether density of either gravity field squeezes on the other and pulls the two objects together.

The electron shell is comprised of heat energy. Energy is just heat expanding into area's of less heat. When energy enters the gravity field of the nucleus, it slows down because of the density of the gravity field. Energy reaches a point in the gravity field where its heat/density on the aether equals that of the gravity field and forms a shell of electricity, which is heat energy at a standstill. The energy still maintains the property of seeking out colder space even though its trapped in the shell. So when two atoms pull together because off gravity, the shell of electricity repels because the heat energy in either shell doesn't want to occupy the heat/density of the other atom's shell and they repel.

Check out the aether and the femto camera to hear about new evidence of the existence of the aether.


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