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Emotion or love problem


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Hello, you don't know me yet, because I'm new here:
My pseudonym is TheNazbolWarrior, I am a young man of 21 years old and I come from Overijssel, which is a province in the Netherlands, a country in Western Europe:

I have a very serious problem that I don't know what to do with. My problem is that I'm just totally incapable of loving anyone else or feeling sad when a close, beloved acquaintance of mine has passed away. I think this must be innate in me, because I really can't help it. I hope you guys just take this issue ultra seriously and don't start thinking that such an emotion or love issue doesn't really exist. In any case, I've been googling this problem for quite a few years, without ever finding anything that resembles it. I also once tried to write down my problem somewhere online for other people, but other people never get it, because they immediately make a link between my problem and my autism. I need to be clear that this problem has NOTHING to do with my autism at all. I just know because of all the autistic people I've ever known don't have this problem. So please stop blaming my autism.
Anyway, I have a mental health problem that I want diagnosed right now. I am so fed up with this problem that it can give me sleepless nights. I want this problem to be cured now so that it NEVER bothers me again.

Would someone please help me?

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